Chile Mine Rescue Images

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Maptek Geologist Sandra Jara, front right, with representatives from the Chilean government and other companies working to gather and model mine data to find an access shaft for freeing the trapped miners at San José.

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Maptek Geologist Sandra Jara [seated front left], and BHP Escondida's Nicolas Cruz [seated front right], surrounded by the drilling team who worked to rescue the miners at San José.

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Para los de arriba
Hay que bajar la cuerda de otro tiro de sondaje. Quedó enganchado en la boca del tubo.
Los de abajo

To those above
Another cord needs to be lowered in the drill hole. It got stuck in the mouth of the tube.
From those below

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Maptek Geologist Sandra Jara [left] and BHP Escondida's Walter Veliz in front of the drill rig at the San José site.

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A Vulcan 3D model was the basis for accurately targeting the location of the miners trapped underground.

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Vulcan 3D model showing the topography and mine development. The task was to accurately target the starting point for the drillhole, then carefully control the orientation and direction of the drillhole to hit the target.

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