Vulcan Modelling and Evaluation Case Studies

Vulcan block models optimise blending

Vulcan helped Titan Roanoke reduce waste and produce low alkali cement, while complying with stringent new emissions regulations. Read More >>

Vulcan guides exploration best practice

Vulcan provided the ideal 3D modelling environment for Nittetsu Mining to explore deeper into a geothermal resource in Japan. Read More >>

Vulcan custom scripting unlocks answers

New Vulcan implicit modelling combined with existing support analysis tools helps geologists to better evaluate deposits.


Implicit modelling and support analysis

New Vulcan implicit modelling combined with existing support analysis tools helps geologists to better evaluate deposits.


Coal quality modelling

Vulcan provides a set of robust tools for creating auditable coal quality models for structurally complex or multi seam deposits.


Pit Optimiser adds third dimension

Vulcan Pit Optimiser was the ideal solution for assessing economic value for a coal project, providing for design and scheduling details.


Modelling volcanic ash clouds

Vulcan 3D modelling and visualisation tools provide a better understanding of the behaviour of volcanic ash clouds for improving hazard management.


Find the dirt coal divide

A reverse block modelling approach allowed Stockton Mine to predict lithologies of thick black mudstone to more accurately determine the top of coal for efficient mining.


Modelling waste stockpiles

An innovative approach to stockpile monitoring using Vulcan sees Energy Resources Australia optimise stockpiled materials at the Ranger mine. Read More >>

Structural Coal Model

By using a structural model derived from drillhole and seismic data, mine workings, and croplines, Peabody Energy was able to mine more coal than previously expected.


Thar Lignite Feasibility Project

Vulcan stratigraphic geological interpretation tools are a powerful means for visualisation and 3D data interpretation, proving valuable for resource estimation and analysis of a deposit.Read More >>

Galway Resources uses Vulcan to realise value

Galway Resources used Vulcan to evaluate the resource of the Victorio Mountains project, with the aim of getting it back into production. Read More >>

Resource modelling in Vulcan

Endeavour Silver Corp. ensure accuracy in their block model. Vulcan allowed for all constraints to be incorporated efficiently without compromising accuracy. Read More >>

Faster 3D modelling in Vulcan

A new technique in Vulcan allows users to increase productivity in generating 3D geological models for large, complex metalliferous orebodies.Read More >>

A new slant on strat modelling

Vulcan HARP modelling provides geologists with tools for interpreting coal horizons using drillhole data and downhole geophysical characterisations.Read More >>

Greater accuracy with Vulcan HARP models

Scottish Coal takes advantage of Vulcan stratigraphic and HARP modelling techniques to create geological resource models with greater accuracy than ever before.Read More >>

Using Vulcan to prepare regulatory reports

Glendell Mine has turned the time consuming process of regulatory survey reports into something quick and easy by implementing Maptek Vulcan. Required to submit spatial data every 3 months, Glendell can now submit reports with ease. Read More >>

Vulcan chosen for Olympic Dam expansion

BHP Billiton has undertaken angled infill drilling to upgrade the classification of mineral resources during the Olympic Dam expansion evaluation stage. Using this and other information, a resource model of the orebody has been created in Vulcan.Read More >>

Vulcan models coal for Vale Mozambique

Vulcan HARP block modelling has provided mine planners at Vale Mozambique with accurate quality and volume information not possible with traditional grid based models. This allows Vale to link mine planning to the geological information in one mine planning model.Read More >>

Vulcan tetramodelling at Plutonic

Barrick Plutonic Gold Mine uses the tetramodelling functionality in Vulcan to quickly identify areas of economic importance in areas with multiple sub-parallel lodes. Barrick is now able to create a model in less than a week, compared to months previously.Read More >>