Modelling & Evaluation Case Studies

Accurate data interpretation

An open cut mine in Queensland maximised coal recovery through accurate data interpretation
and structural modelling using measurement-while-drilling data.

Optimising monthly resource estimation

An underground metals mine in Mexico improved estimation of mineral resources through implementation of Maptek Vulcan workflow tools.

From challenge comes opportunity

For a New Zealand consulting firm, the Maptek Geology Challenge was a chance to trial new software that could ultimately improve outcomes for clients.

Transforming geology processes

The strong relationship between Aeris Resources and Maptek has been key to a successful software rollout, establishing new geology workflows and procedures.

Maximising limestone extraction

Taking advantage of consulting services has helped a South African limestone operation produce a comprehensive reserves report in a timely manner.

Shandong Gold leads the way

Sanshandao Gold Mine uses Maptek Vulcan to optimize modelling and mine planning at complex underground operation in Shandong province.

Digital mapping drives efficiency

Transforming a paper-based process into a digital workflow has reduced the time taken to complete underground mapping by two-thirds.

One-model solution for coal products

Thiess strives to better design and deliver solutions that unlock potential and create pathways to greater performance.

Quality-based resource estimation

Maptek Vulcan is being used for resource and reserve estimation using quality indicators, for a marble quarry in northeastern Greece.

Maptek Roy Hill smart mining partnership

Maptek and Australian iron ore producer Roy Hill are collaborating on deep learning, AI and immersive technologies to accelerate orebody knowledge and inform upstream planning.

Modelling phosphate deposits

Maptek software and hardware solutions are helping the Republic of Nauru Phosphate Corporation to measure and model phosphate deposits on the Pacific Island.

Geological face mapping underground

Barrick Gold Corporation uses Maptek Vulcan for various geological modelling tasks at the Cortez Hills underground operations in Nevada, USA.

Enhancing narrow vein interpretation

The Klondex Mines Ltd underground gold-silver mine uses Maptek Vulcan to optimise various stages of their operation in Nevada.

Modelling geological variance

Maptek Vulcan is employed to visualise and analyse complex vein geometries, providing better understanding of gold distribution and grade.

Streamlined solutions for Buenaventura

Buenaventura uses Maptek Vulcan to streamline a range of modelling and mine planning applications across their operations in Peru.

Strategic planning increases production

The Súria mine in Spain has taken advantage of custom Maptek Vulcan upgrades for modelling complex geology.

Digital mapping at Round Mountain

Maptek Vulcan software helps improve field mapping at the Kinross Round Mountain Mine in Nevada.

Oakdale Resources graphite project

A maiden resource study on the Oakdale graphite deposit in South Australia has provided a thorough understanding of the geology and prospects for mining.

Implicit modelling and support analysis

Combining New Vulcan implicit modelling and support analysis tools helps geologists to better.

A new slant on strat modelling

Vulcan HARP modelling provides geologists with tools for interpreting coal horizons using drillhole data and downhole geophysical characterisations.