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Managing safety in limestone caves

Laser scanner and UAV geotechnical data is instrumental in identifying potential risk and managing visitor safety in limestone cave formations in Victoria, eastern Australia.

Measurement experience in the desert

Maptek solutions are embedded at Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia, supporting daily, monthly and annual survey data for a wide range of mining applications.

Historic railway gets back on track

Modern survey technology has been applied to assess the safety of derelict railway tunnels and collect data for rehabilitation planning.

Considering mining impacts

Environmental, social and governance considerations drive mine planning for a small scale miner in the historical goldfields of eastern Australia.

Accurate stockpile inventory

Laser scanning technology gives a global chemicals and logistics solutions provider auditing and inventory confidence, while reducing wastage and saving time.

Survey keeps airport project on track

Maptek mine measurement technology helps ensure bulk earthworks meet design for the Western Sydney International Airport.

Safety and agility for mine development

Maptek laser scanning is promoting agility and adherence to mine planning at Mineração Caraíba SA.

Topographic stockpile survey solution

Maptek laser scanning technology is being used for calculating stockpile volumes at a gold mine in Mexico.

Monitoring quarry highwall safety

Comparing surfaces surveyed at quarterly intervals allows quarry management to identify and mitigate safety issues arising from rock falls.

Modelling phosphate deposits

Maptek software and hardware solutions are helping the Republic of Nauru Phosphate Corporation to measure and model phosphate deposits on the Pacific Island.

Accurate survey data benefits mine expansion

Maptek I-Site technology has been instrumental in providing accurate and efficient survey deliverables across the Savage River iron ore operation.

Analysing Variability

Cliffs Michigan Operations found that Maptek laser scanning technology resulted in a reduced level of variability, minimised survey time, and decreased safety risks in stockpile surveys.

Rix’s Creek

Rix’s Creek coal operation has embraced the versatility of the Maptek I-Site laser scanning survey solution.

I-Site drives cost-effective survey

Three companies based in Denver, Colorado experienced the benefits of using I-Site Drive for stockpile surveys and topographic updates.

Land forming benefits from laser system

Laser scanning brings accuracy and efficiency to land forming processes, ensuring the correct surface grade for irrigation systems.

Tailings dam survey

Laser scanning and modelling tools provide a safe and reliable solution for mapping tailings dams to manage risk.

Precision data redefines inventory control

The need for tighter inventory control in challenging market conditions drives greater emphasis on the frequency, accuracy and visibility of reporting practices.

Survey solution for safety offsets

Accurate mapping of the interface between underground and open pit operations with laser scanning provides detailed survey data.

Survey solution for underground

I-Site laser scanning handled a large underground survey project with ease, delivering timely, accurate data to guide limestone mining operations.

Safe survey technology

The Maptek I-Site laser scanner was used to safely survey La Coipa mine in Chile and validate the topography of abandoned sectors where access was difficult.