Maptek Sentry

Mobile system for remote, safe monitoring

Reliable operation and alarm capability

Sentry combines a Maptek laser scanner with software to monitor, analyse and report on rapid and gradual movements. Various configurations are available to suit your monitoring needs.

Set your monitoring frequency and thresholds to meet strategic design and operational planning needs. Accurate, timely reporting to geotechnical teams and management helps manage risk and safeguard operational environments. You can import data into Maptek PointStudio to quantify volume of material moved during rock failure, conduct geotechnical analysis and plan remediation work.

For extreme climates, Sentry can continuously monitor in -20°C to +50°C, with limited operation down to -40°C.


Open Pit Monitoring

Improve pit safety and risk monitoring by early detection of highwall, bench and slope movements.

Underground Monitoring

Improve safety underground by early detection and notification of subsidence.

Tailings Dam Monitoring

Reduce risk by early detection of structural and moisture changes.

Sentry hardware and software is simple to set up and operate for monitoring in remote locations. You can easily create timelines from collected monitoring data and generate and animate zones to show movement over time.

The ability to view and analyse automatically generated displacement, velocity and inverse velocity graphs in the pit or underground, in operational offices and remotely over a network helps ensure safe operating conditions 24 hours a day.

Maptek Sentry wins Excellence in Innovation award: 2018 Premier's Awards - energy & mining winner.


Remote monitoring of multiple zones to mitigate risk in active mining areas


Keep monitoring in extreme conditions for safe, 24/7 mining operations


Set alarm thresholds and notification protocols to suit your operation

The Sentry difference



Critical monitoring
Repeatable alarming and notifications for quick response

Deploy your laser scanner for site survey applications

Confidence in system accuracy for repeatable alarming

Keep monitoring in extreme conditions for safe, 24/7 operations


  • Monitor several zones concurrently, and monitor multiple areas within a scene without targets or reference points.
  • Gain insights from timelapse footage to predict movement through back analysis.
  • Heatmaps coloured by displacement or velocity provide an overview of movement that can lead to failures such as landslides or rockfalls.
  • Combine true 3D measurement with 3D photographs, visualisation and analysis tools for strategic risk management.
  • Send critical information directly to geotechnical staff or mine managers in near real time.

Case Studies

Slope stability risk management

Letšeng Diamond Mine uses Maptek technology for volumetric survey, geological and geotechnical data analysis, and tactical and strategic slope deformation monitoring.

Monitoring tailings dams

Continuous monitoring using Sentry provides effective risk management for tailings dams.

Stability monitoring for peace of mind

Continuous monitoring using Sentry provided effective risk management during equipment maintenance at an Australian mineral sand operation.

Highwall stability in longwall mining

A coal mine in Central Queensland used Sentry monitoring to help predict highwall movement associated with longwall subsidence.

Periodic monitoring with Sentry

Sentry watched over workers during the successful remediation of a rockfall at Kanmantoo Copper Mine, allowing operations to quickly resume.

Gaining control over potential instability

A Sentry monitoring system has been implemented in Peru for managing geotechnical risk at a large iron ore mine.

Movement tracking and stability monitoring

Sentry laser-based monitoring system provides a safe, accurate and cost-effective solution for tracking and analysing surface movement.