Our Future

Maptek designs for the future with an open mind. We challenge ourselves to look beyond individual processes at the bigger picture and how different components can be integrated to create value.

Our customers, and the industry as a whole, are looking for digital enabling technologies to help them keep up with the growing demands on their role and the operational tempo of operations, all while keeping safety and environmental responsibility as a top priority.

Streamlining the user experience includes simplifying common software workflows coupled with processing that can handle larger, more complex data.

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Web & cloud-based solutions

Some of our most exciting projects focus on rolling out web and cloud-based services across different areas of the mine value chain. These are part of a dedicated solution ecosystem project that will deliver tools and services across tasks and processes in a standardised way. Everyone using Maptek services will be able to make the best possible decisions regardless of their device or location.

Performance benefits from cloud-hosted processing and storage are supported by a new degree of automation that speeds up the time to create value from technical data, and allows customers to respond to changing circumstances.

Experimentation & innovation

Empowering mining professionals by putting desktop software into their hands has underpinned the success of Maptek since our inception. One of the keys to success is to encourage and empower staff to think outside the box. Maptek 10% time champions staff to explore different approaches and experiment with new ways to solve industry problems, firmly aligned with our principle to Create Tomorrow.

Maptek Labs

One of the Maptek guiding principles is Create Tomorrow through experimentation and innovation. Our labs page exposes new technologies in development to stimulate conversations and feedback from industry to ensure our solutions meet those needs.

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