Maptek Evolution

Maptek Evolution

Interconnected mine scheduling

Dynamic agile scheduling that maximises value

Maptek Evolution produces short, medium, long term and strategic life of mine schedules alongside practical production plans. It enables you to maximise the value of your deposit without compromising operations and without simplifying data.

The Maptek enterprise level scheduling solution optimises NPV using cut-off grade techniques, a proven method for maximising project value. Evolution also optimises the haulage fleet to deliver cost savings early in the schedule.

Your operation will benefit from multiple solutions run in parallel using high performance cloud computing, with solutions ‘learning’ from each other to continually generate new, better solutions that solve real world problems.

Evolution delivers a seamless workflow from strategic to short term scheduling using a single data source. Rapidly iterate scenarios that consider multiple objectives such as cut-off grade, production schedules, dynamic route allocation, haulage cycle times, waste dump allocation, fuel burn and productivity to generate a final optimised schedule.

Haulage is considered as part of an integrated mine planning - scheduling process, and further cost savings can be achieved with waste dump optimisation. Flow-on benefits include deferred capital expenditure, minimised clearance costs, and improved waste planning. An efficient rehabilitation stage means environmental bonds can be returned sooner.

Customers access Evolution via software-as-a-service. Users run Evolution locally on a notebook or desktop computer to import data, set up and analyse schedules and export models and scheduling files. Processing of schedules is completed via a secure hybrid cloud system.

Practical high value schedules throughout the mine lifecycle

  • Rapidly assess thousands of scenarios based on the resource model and choose the best option
  • Block-by-block scheduling across all planning horizons generates data for dynamic modelling
  • Make informed, confident decisions regarding scheduling that reduce costs and maximise the resource

Generate multiple schedules from a single simulation run

  • Uses a single dataset to schedule across planning horizons, ensuring consistency of tonnes and grade throughout the mine life
  • Optimise the life of mine while meeting product specifications for each period
  • Know where every block will be mined from and where it will go to help ensure no valuable ore is left in the ground


  • Align planning horizons
  • Hit blending targets
  • Variable cut-off grade ore definition
  • Holistic scheduling
  • Block-by-block scheduling
  • Optimise NPV
  • Schedule with multiple objectives
  • Compare schedules with block models
  • Drill down into schedules
  • Schedule auditability

Evolution is an agile, dynamic solution for targeting complex, real world challenges across all planning horizons.


  • Increase project value
    Maximise value using cut-off grade optimisation techniques. Up to 30% increased value can be achieved.
  • Improve productivity
    Produce schedules up to 10 times faster and more cost effectively than other solutions.
  • Solve complex issues
    Multi-mine, multi-process problems can be scheduled in a single, integrated approach where solutions learn from each other.
  • Maximise investment
    Integrated solution generates optimal haulage routes and optimised waste dumps, lowering software investment by 30%.
  • Reduce costs
    Optimal fleet haulage routes deliver cost savings early in the schedule, improving value in the order of 5-10%.
  • Optimise waste
    Optimising the final waste landform minimises clearing costs and ensures rehabilitation can commence sooner, releasing bonds sooner.
  • Manage risk
    Plan with confidence that the optimisation technique is agile yet robust for generating optimal schedules in a changing mine production environment.
  • Effective implementation
    Out-of-the-box scheduling solution without costly start-up or ongoing customisation. Start generating schedules within a day.

Choose the product or combination of products that suit your operational needs.

Evolution Strategy

Evolution Strategy is a strategic mine planning and optimisation tool for running scenarios based on cut-off grade optimisation and sequencing to maximise NPV.

  • Single interface handles complex real world scheduling scenarios
  • Model multi-process, multi-mine operations with multiple constraints
  • Deliver high value schedules for mining to plan


Evolution Origin

Evolution Origin generates detailed scheduling scenarios from life-of-mine to short term planning horizons; integration with Vulcan closes the gap between design and scheduling.

  • Holistic approach accounts for haulage, blending and waste landform optimisation
  • Apply optimisation policies generated by Evolution Strategy


Evolution Epoch

Evolution Epoch is a dedicated short term planning tool that allows users to manage multiple mining activities, tasks and equipment, and apply different types of dependencies.

  • Flexible environment for defining mining sequences
  • Use attributed solids or block models
  • Ideal for planning practical schedules of up to 18 months


Evolution Phase

Evolution Phase provides integrated and automated tools to manipulate optimal shells developed in pit optimisation.

  • Adjust, split and combine shells
  • Write new stage codes back to the model for testing
  • Improve NPV while achieving practical mining shapes


Evolution Stratigraphic Transform

Evolution Stratigraphic Transform allows operations with stratigraphic deposits to calculate coal and waste quantities and qualities as they change at every stage of the mining process.

  • Flexible, automated workflow guides users to define relevant parameters
  • Calculations happen automatically without the need for complex scripting
  • Output can be consumed by Evolution Origin