Exploration & Geology

Discover the industry’s premier mining solutions for making the most of your geology and exploration data.

Leave no ore uncovered. Advance your geology and exploration workflows with Maptek.

Cash in on the wealth of data you collect during exploration to optimise your geological understanding of the deposit. Activate your data with Maptek geology and exploration solutions to build more accurate models and estimations today for a more informed mine plan tomorrow.


Get the most out of your exploration dollars with the world’s best exploration solutions. Integrate, validate, visualise and analyse your exploration data and make better decisions, faster.

Resource & geological modelling

Put your data to work and create highly representative resource and geological models. Backed by scientific, interactive controls, you have the power to ensure conformance to input data while reducing model creation and update time to mere hours.

Reserve estimation

Robust visualisations and repeatable, easy-to-use workflows backed by a full suite of estimation tools enable you to more accurately estimate reserves and effectively communicate what is in the ground with key stakeholders.



Understand, interpret and model complex geological deposits with a rich set of exploration data analysis, estimation, and simulation tools. Take advantage of well established geostatistical methods and the latest research to better understand your deposit.


Geotechnical analysis

Capture and utilise detailed geotechnical data with industry-leading solutions. Assess, measure and analyse structures in critical mining areas to increase ore recovery while keeping personnel safe.

Grade control

Generate optimal material classification and dig lines to ensure proper routing of ore and waste. Powerful tools help you attain the highest level of accuracy through consistent, repeatable processes that meet your site-specific needs.


Geological mapping

Advance the science of your geological field mapping with state-of-the-art technology. Collect, digitise, and analyse key geological observations directly in the field to increase speed, accuracy, and to utilise all available data.

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