European Training Services

Technical services training and implementation

Maptek Europe has a team of experienced engineers and geologists available for training to complement Maptek's quality products. We are in the best position to train people on Maptek Vulcan and Mine Measurement, and can customise each course to ensure that the client's needs are met. Choose from our wide range of training options, designed to help our clients get the best out of their investments in the mining industry.

Vulcan Classroom Training

Current Classroom Courses

Classrooms are organised on a regular program of selected training courses using standard data. Schedule and content are fixed to enable the classrooms to be made open to all customers or interested users.

Location: Edinburgh only

Customised Training

Request Customised Training

Maptek offers customised training for Maptek users who require a more tailored approach to meet specific objectives, or wish to target their own experience or expertise. We can provide data or use your data. Scheduling according to request.

Location: Edinburgh or on-site

Academic Training

Request Academic Training

Academic Program courses are offered at special rates to geology and/or mining engineering academic institutes to enhance coursework for software, training and support. If you are on the academic staff of an institute please contact us for details.

Location: Edinburgh or on-site