Maptek Resource Tracking

Maptek Resource Tracking

Material tracking and reconciliation systems

Accurate, real-time production performance tracking and visualisation

Maptek can help you deliver a better understanding of production performance through load and haul, stockpiling and plant processes by connecting each of these processes with your resource model and reconciliation between each stage.

Our resource tracking and modelling solutions leverage a holistic approach, allowing you to close the loop with effective, real time reconciliation of inventory and qualities through the mining, blending and processing stages. Presenting a meaningful graphical view of the status of the mine and performance against plans and goals provides insights for all stakeholders.

Measuring and validating actual material movements near-live at every stage of the mine value chain, ensures greater visibility and coordination in eliminating production bottlenecks and delivering on-spec product without delay.

Traditional material tracking systems are disconnected from the resource model and planning systems. The mining of ore or removal of waste at any one time has a dramatic impact on the performance of the whole operation as a business - both in the short and long term. A disconnected set of systems tracking production activity and performance introduces latency, inaccuracy and ambiguity, and leads to decisions based on assumptions. This ultimately leads to inefficient production results through the whole value chain.

Enabling informed decision making at critical stages throughout the process allows mines to react to changes quickly, and accurately reconcile production performance with the strategic mine plan and resource model.

We know that by better controlling loss and dilution by even only 1%, and maximising yield through the plant by getting the feed right every time will deliver substantial value to the bottom-line.

Reconcile tonnes and quality, and track compliance to plan across your operation

Maptek’s MRT solution delivers delivers significant, lasting value by providing a standard, repeatable way for operations to more accurately plan for the composition of material that will be mined and available at the ROM stockpiles, and decide on a reclaim and blend profile to optimise plant feed.

  • Transparency and accountability across the mining business
  • Centralised decision support framework for resource recovery and management
  • Improved stockpile planning, management and reconciliation
  • Reconciliation against the resource model and strategic mine plan

Leverage the data and systems at your mine to gain understanding and opportunity

Enabling a validated, timely and accurate model of the production flow of material together with the resource model, locations and equipment allows you to avoid typically siloed understanding and information to make decisions that are relevant to the performance of the mine as a whole.

MaptekMRT can be used in conjunction with the PETRA MAXTA value chain optimisation suite of solutions for even greater benefit. MAXTA creates predicted performance, optimisation and recommendations based on the actual behaviour of your mine and plant using machine learning.

The MRT resource management and stockpile modelling system consists of three core components. These can be deployed individually, or combined as an integrated enterprise system with centralised, live reporting to support your business.


Cloud-ready system for tracking quality and inventory of discontinuous material flows from in situ rock to ROM stockpiles and plant feed. Connects resource model, mine plans, fleet management, on-belt analysers, survey and laboratory results. Web-based 3D visualisation, live dashboards and interface to data warehousing and downstream applications.

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Cloud-ready system for managing quality and quantity of discrete stockpiles. Connects upstream with MaterialMRT, PlantMRT, fleet management and laboratory information systems. Advanced web-based user interface featuring live reporting and interface to downstream applications.


Cloud-ready system for managing continuous material flows for processing plants. Connects SCADA historian, planning and laboratory information systems for live, web-based monitoring of quality and quantity information. Interface to dashboards, data warehousing and downstream applications.

Maptek Resource Tracking Case Studies

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Maptek can help deliver a better understanding of production performance across load and haul, stockpiling and plant processes.

StockpileMRT: Controlling stockpiles

A new Maptek solution helps schedule and control the stage cycle of stockpiles to better manage space, grade and inventory to deliver product on time every time.

MaterialMRT: Improve with real-time material tracking

Consistently delivering a correct blend, and keeping track of inventory and quality at all stages of production are universal challenges at mine sites.