Maptek PointStudio

Point cloud modelling and analysis

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Get a quick and clear picture about the status of your project with intuitive point cloud processing tools. Process and combine point cloud data from Maptek laser scanners, UAV and other lidar sensors into easy to understand deliverables. Measure stockpile volumes with ease, update end of month survey models with new field data, and analyse geotechnical risks that could impact the safety of your operation. PointStudio provides the tools to accurately measure, quantify and communicate conformance to design.

Dedicated workflows and reporting options improve efficiency and productivity for both surface and underground mine operations

PointStudio is delivered on the Maptek Workbench for interoperability with other Maptek solutions. Users can easily set up workflows to automate and standardise site processes. Custom toolbars, menus, workflows and shortcut keys are easily set up to suit individual work patterns and standardise processes across teams, sites and operations

Dedicated workflows and reporting options improve efficiency and productivity for both surface and underground mine operations.

Apply PointStudio to specific mining applications with specialised add-ons to assist with planning and operational decisions

How PointStudio helps

Custom workflows and easy-to-use interface
Create custom workflows for routine mining tasks. Share and adapt with team members to create standardised processes for repeatable results.

Flexible registration tools
Fast, smart registration tools to register many different types of data. Single-button survey registration as well as automated tools for un-surveyed scans.

Powerful modelling and analysis tools
Create surfaces or models using various modelling options, depending on the type of data. Quickly analyse large datasets using query tools.

Intuitive CAD interface
Powerful, intuitive and familiar CAD creation and editing tools.

Impressive presentations
Direct export to 3D PDF and universal 3D file formats to allow dynamic viewing of models; create animations from key frames and deliver professional quality, high fidelity digital video output.

Customised language interface
American English, Modern Chinese, Spanish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, French, Indonesian (Bahasa) and Simplified Chinese language interface chosen automatically based on PC settings.

Multiple data formats
Work with common industry standard data formats.

Additional Capability

Geotechnical Tools

Powerful analysis and mapping tools help manage risk in surface and underground mines. Users can analyse structures and surfaces, identify dominant structures and trends and evaluate their impact.

  • Dynamically extract discontinuities
  • Perform kinematic analysis for different failure mechanisms
  • Calculate the shape, size and volume of wedge failures
  • Create stereonets and rose diagrams for visualisation
  • Identify regions where poor geotechnical information exists

Fragmentation Analysis

Visualise and analyse the fragmentation of a blast to identify wall stability issues, and improve processes such as haulage and mill throughput. Blast engineers and surveyors can quickly assess blasted rock before it enters the crushing process.

  • Run fragmentation analysis on 3D scan points for accurate rock and fines classification
  • Select areas of interest or whole datasets to analyse
  • Intuitive visual and tabular reporting for guiding informed decisions


FRAGx logo.

PETRA FRAGx is interoperable with Maptek PointStudio or PointViewer. It allows fast and reliable fragmentation assessment using machine learning on point cloud data from any source.

Haul Road Conformance

Haul Road Conformance reporting allows for accurate data to flow through to production teams for improved haul road design, mine processes and safety outcomes. The tool is offered in both Vulcan and PointStudio to suit various workflows.

Reporting Add-ons

Conformance Reporting

Keep your operation safe with simple conformance reporting.

Compare design surface to as-built and other surfaces, export PDFs of cross-sections and volumes showing conformance between surfaces.

Inter-Ramp Compliance Reporting

Inter-ramp compliance reporting supports safe, efficient mining.

Report on bench face angles and catch bench widths. Determine if wall angles and catch bench widths need adjusting for safe, economic mining.

Resource Recovery

Identify measured removal of commodities for comparison against resource models and set thresholds to prevent ongoing loss and dilution.


Easily compare designed solids against actual solids to identify overbreak and underbreak.