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Steve Sullivan - Senior Technical Sales Specialist Technical Lead - DomainMCF - August 24, 2022

Machine learning techniques have proved their worth in rapidly modelling domains direct from a validated geological database. Now attention has turned to grade trends. 

The 2022 release of DomainMCF raises the bar for data-driven model generation. New functionality incorporates prediction of numeric variables in the block model output. (more…)

Maureen Moore - Technical Services Manager & Training Program Lead - August 15, 2022

Maptek has a long tradition of investing in customer education and training. Over our 40-year history, we’ve learned how important it is for our customers to understand how to leverage Maptek solutions for their unique mining challenges. That’s why we continue to focus on developing convenient ways for our customers to educate themselves on our solutions. The goal is to empower our customers to understand the applications and find creative solutions to their complex daily challenges. We believe when our customers are successful, we also succeed at our jobs.  (more…)

Steve Sullivan - Senior Technical Sales Specialist Technical Lead - DomainMCF - August 3, 2022

As a geologist, you look at some surface or downhole data and intuitively ‘know’ what is going on. You build a sub-surface model in your head and try to prove it with the data. You hope that when it comes to mining the plan will be close enough to reality.

The traditional paradigm of modelling is more data = better models = greater confidence. The reality is more data = bigger models = longer time. The upshot is less time for thinking = hasty decisions = lower confidence.

Machine learning improves on the old paradigm. More data is still better. Clean data is even more important. Intuition is still valid. But the model should be driven by the data, not the bias of the geologist. (more…)

Chris Johnson - Global Online Training Manager - July 20, 2022

When you want to learn a new skill, where do you start your journey? Google? YouTube? Your local university or trade school? I would guess that most of us would start with Google, which would inevitably lead to an online video or written instruction. There is so much free information on the web today that it is easy to get overwhelmed with content that doesn’t quite meet our needs.

With Maptek’s free resources, you are assured that the information you receive is current and correct. No need to waste time with a fruitless web search. (more…)

Chris Johnson - Global Online Training Manager - June 15, 2022

Starting a new job? Want a promotion? Trying to get new hires up-to-speed as quickly as possible? Let Online Training help you meet your goals and develop as a mining professional. 

Learning online is the new normal. More people work from home, travel less, and embrace learning new professional and technical skills online. With staff turnover at an all-time high, employers need to find a way to train new employees fast without sacrificing productivity. 

There are many advantages of learning with Online Training. No travel, no hotels, no extra costs, no need to farm your jobs out to others while you are busy in a training room. Learn at your own pace and prioritise the lessons you need to get your job done fast.


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