Maptek BlastLogic

Drill & blast management

Lower risk, better results, greater productivity.

Maptek BlastLogic is an all-in-one solution adding value to open cut operations through streamlined drill & blast design, tracking and analysis. It enables operations to make blast implementation decisions with reference to mine plans, geology and geotechnical data with instant data connection and visualisation in the field or office.

Why BlastLogic?

Flexible drill and blast system designed to work in the demanding production environment. Access to data is immediate and universal across users, simplifying and accelerating routine tasks.

What is BlastLogic?

Innovation in blast design, modelling and analysis. Centralised record of all operational blast data. Interfaces with leading drill navigation systems. A business wide solution that can be scaled to suit your operation.


Tie-up Design


Webinar - Incident Management


Automatic explosives loading and validation

How does it work?

Superior blast performance is achieved by fusing distinct data sets associated with mine planning, drill guidance, field survey, load design parameters and post-blast evaluation to create a more intelligent blast design.

Rapid identification of deviations at critical stages reduces risk of incident and leads to production improvements from drill & blast.

Electronic tie-up delivers finer timing control and reduced misfire potential, increasing safety and reducing excessive vibration and noise.

Reducing the cost envelope of drill & blast can be better analysed and modelled, by considering expanding the blast pattern and reducing explosive use without compromising on blast performance.

Operations can catalogue blast outcomes by tracking blast performance factors, reconciliation to design, production reporting and inventory management.

What can users do?

Quickly create and compare drill, charge and tie-up design scenarios. Accurate execution in the field is tracked in real-time.

The BlastLogic Tablet dynamically updates plans in the field. The simple interface ensures effortless data entry that is instantly synchronised or cached.

Pre-empt risk, productivity and cost issues before they emerge in the business.

Track and monitor against KPIs. Custom reporting supports operational requirements to track and monitor drill & blast performance.

Adjusting hole-to-hole and row-to-row changes accounting for actual drilling, charging and stemming positions are accomplished quickly, ensuring performance in safety and fragmentation is delivered for every blast.

New hole temperature logging supports site practices through assessment of stability or choice of explosive products and helps manages safety risk.

Load and compare multiple production patterns in minutes!

Increase productivity

Achieve greater than 9% production gain for shovels. Reduce commodity loss by up to 20%.

Get the fundamentals of drill and blast right every time.

Continuous improvement

Catalogue blasts and trends over time. Correlate data and look for nuances.

Free up time, focus on incremental improvements for overall productivity gains.

Reduce costs

Optimise and track the use of explosives. Achieve optimum material size for efficient processing.

Improve drill & blast decision making on the fly.


Greater control for over-pressure, vibration and air blast.

Clear insight from deeper granularity in process and risk.

Instantly capture, analyse and share data at critical stages in your drill and blast process.

Immediate access to data so you can make decisions. Reduce incidents, control costs and increase performance consistently with BlastLogic.