Maptek Account

Flexible licensing and streamlined software access

Maptek Account provides flexible access to Maptek software licences and easy to use, secure options for offline use and working from anywhere.

Maptek Account allows mining operations to standardise providers and interfaces across their operations and regions, which is particularly important when teams are working remotely or workplace conditions change.

When support issues are lodged through Maptek Account we can use information about your software environment to better understand the application usage and diagnose and resolve issues to keep you working.

Why Maptek Account?

  • Streamlined licensing, including borrowing and fail-safe modes
  • Simplified software deployment, management, and access to updates
  • Manage, assign and view software usage within your user base
  • Report issues and track support cases for easy reference
  • Secure gateway to cloud computing

Maptek Account

Flexible, work-from-anywhere licensing for users

Download software releases, borrow licences to work offline, submit and track your support cases.

User Benefits

Simple licence management for administrators

Administer licences across operations, manage entitlements and access for users and groups.

Administrative Benefits

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Maptek Account designed with you in mind

Gold standard licensing

Shandong Gold standardised on online licensing for Maptek software, enabling access to secure design and modelling tools for more than 500 users.

Registering your Maptek Account
Maptek Account is your home for Maptek online licensing and support. See how quickly and easily you can get started with your own account.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need Maptek Account?

Maptek Account offers greater flexibility for working remotely and offline, and allows immediate access to software downloads. Benefits of the service include streamlined licence administration and support. You can set up your Maptek Account at any time by visiting Please discuss with your IT administration department or contact Maptek support if you have any questions.

What is the Maptek Workbench?

The Maptek Workbench is a single platform for customers to easily access licensed Maptek applications and other services, streamlining workflows and technical support. It also provides a download and update service (in combination with Maptek Account) for accessing the latest software releases.

I already have a login for the Maptek Users Area. Can I use that for Maptek Account?

The Users Area and Maptek Account offer different services. Online Training remains in the Users Area with all other services moving to Maptek Account. Self-registration and sign up for Maptek Account means users can change passwords at any time without contacting Maptek to reset it.