Maptek Vulcan GeologyCore

Streamlined geological modelling workflow

Maptek Vulcan GeologyCore streamlines your geology workflow from data validation to model generation. Gain access to cutting-edge modelling techniques using cloud-based machine learning algorithms alongside conventional modelling approaches.

Vulcan GeologyCore provides a smart workflow to help automate daily geology tasks, allowing geologists more time to focus on higher value work.

Tasks are intuitively grouped for importing and validating drillhole data, defining geological domains, and then generating and publishing geological models. Repeatable steps mean geologists can easily experiment with changes to domains and see the immediate effect on the model.

Vulcan GeologyCore is suitable for a wide range of projects and users can choose from cloud-based machine learning, or conventional modelling methods such as vein and implicit modelling.

An intuitive ribbon automates the geology workflow from importing and validating drillhole data, through defining geological domains, to generating the model.

Vulcan GeologyCore integrates seamlessly with Vulcan and includes 3D visualisation and lithology targeting tools. Users can manage drillhole and mine data in Vulcan before proceeding to Vulcan GeologyCore to validate data, define domains and generate models. Data is published back to Vulcan to model grades and perform advanced statistical analysis.

Geological modelling reimagined



Simple workflow from data to model
Manage data validation across multiple files and avoid complex specification setup whenever changes are made.

Rapid model generation
Update resource models daily or more frequently, instead of quarterly or annually, to avoid bottlenecks.

Repeatable, non-destructive process
Test scenarios by editing domains and see dynamic model updates before committing to changes.

Improved productivity
Rationalise the geological workflow for easier assimilation of new staff and higher focus on analysis and interpretation.

Access to cutting-edge techniques
Take advantage of cloud-based machine learning modelling methods for rapid processing.

Process to suit your needs
Select the appropriate modelling method to suit databases or mining projects.

Machine learning with DomainMCF

Add DomainMCF for orebody modelling

Resource and mine geologists can add DomainMCF to Vulcan GeologyCore and take advantage of machine learning and cloud processing for orebody modelling.

Rapidly analyse geological data, evaluate scenarios and update resource models as new data becomes available.