Maptek GeologyCore

Streamlined geological modelling workflow

Maptek GeologyCore streamlines the geology workflow from importing and validating drillhole data, through defining geological domains to generating accurate, reliable models.

The smart workflow from data preparation to published model automates daily tasks, allowing geologists more time to focus on higher value work.

Processes are intuitively grouped for importing and validating drillhole data, defining domains before generating and publishing geological models. Repeatable steps allow for easy experimentation, with changes to domains reflected immediately on the model.

GeologyCore is suitable for a wide range of projects and offers a cloud-based machine learning option alongside conventional modelling methods such as vein and implicit modelling.

Maptek Account
Maptek Account

GeologyCore functionality

GeologyCore includes workflow-based tools to load and validate geological data, define geological domains, and generate, validate and publish models. It is required for compatible add-ons.

GeologyCore integrates seamlessly with Vulcan and includes 3D visualisation and lithology targeting tools. Users can manage drillhole and mine data in Vulcan before proceeding to GeologyCore to validate data, define domains and generate models. Data is published back to Vulcan to model grades and perform advanced statistical analysis.

  • Load data for geological modelling
  • Visualise and validate drillhole data
  • Define geological domains with Domain Manager
  • Test scenarios on the desktop
  • Create models using machine learning, traditional vein, stratigraphic or implicit modelling techniques
  • Validate models using section mode, juxtaposition view, filtering and numeric checks
  • Publish models to Vulcan
  • Easily update models with new data

GeologyCore Add-ons

Geotechnical Suite


The Geotechnical Suite add-on enables accurate, informative geotechnical analysis and reporting to guide mine design and planning decisions. An extensive range of methodologies is available for applying to point cloud and triangulation data.

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Geotechnical Tools


Geotechnical Tools allow geologists and geotechnical engineers to extract structures and conduct kinematic analysis directly from laser scan data, and provide detailed reporting to guide mine planning and operational decisions.

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Design Conformance


Design Conformance provides functionality for open pit and quarry operations to highlight and report on areas where conformance does not meet established site tolerances or standards.

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Inter-Ramp Compliance Reporting


Inter-Ramp Compliance Reporting allows operations to analyse wall angles and catch bench widths to evaluate compliance to site specific tolerances. Detailed, visual reporting format supports decisions around operational safety.

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