Mine Planning & Design

Get the world’s best mine planning solutions to help create your optimal mine

Create real-world mine plans that maximise the safety and profitability of your mine.

Every mine must start with a plan. But building the best plan requires informed decisions. Infuse your orebody knowledge into your entire mine planning process with Maptek mine planning and design solutions. Build, optimise, and evaluate a variety of scenarios throughout the life of mine to ensure you produce operationally viable schedules that align with your site goals.

Open pit mine design

Optimise the economic performance of your mine with industry-leading open pit mine design solutions. Design pits, phases, and dumps with intuitive tools augmented by optimisation algorithms to improve your designs and reduce error and rework from the start.


Underground mine design

Streamline your underground mine design process with powerful, semi-automated tools that enable you to take control where and when it is needed most. Dedicate your focus to the tasks that will help you safely minimise cost and maximise production of your underground operation.


Short-term scheduling

Produce short-term schedules that take a holistic view of your operation into account, including scheduling of excavation, haulage, and dump activities. Flexible, automated sequencing, schedule visualisation, and dynamic reporting help ensure that short-term gains do not result in long-term losses.

Strategic scheduling

Harness the power of cloud processing, multi-objective optimisation, and compelling visualisation tools to create your optimal mid- and long-term schedules. Minimise costs, calculate practical production schedules, and maximise NPV for the entire life of mine.

Grade control

Generate optimal material classification and dig lines to ensure proper routing of ore and waste. Powerful tools help you attain the highest level of accuracy through consistent, repeatable processes that meet your site-specific needs.


Drill & blast design

Profitable, safe and efficient blasting doesn’t happen by chance. Produce quality designs, measure field compliance, and analyse the results to enable continuous improvement of your drill and blast activities, from design to initiation.

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