Maptek Principles

Maptek believes integrated decision-making support systems are the best way we can help miners make better decisions.

The Maptek 5-year plan is scaffolded by an enhanced ideology that explains who we are and outlines the principles that guide our actions.

Maptek was founded to serve the software needs of the mining industry and we thrive on the challenge to stay at the forefront. With a clear purpose, our path will be straighter and simpler. Our industry will be able to tread that path with confidence.

Create tomorrow

We will encourage new thinking and support change.

Walk in their shoes

We will listen to our customers and reinforce relationships.

Smarter together

We will work together and draw on each other’s strengths.

Make it simple

We will brainstorm and turn complex ideas into simple solutions.

Be courageous

We will be accountable for how we work, and we will never give up.