About Maptek

Changing the way mining is done, forever.

Maptek has been at the forefront of innovative mining technology for more than 40 years. Our solutions target all mining types and commodities, providing the link between the geological, spatial design and execution stages and safe, productive operations.

Maptek builds strong relationships with our customers and the wider industry, valuing collaboration as a key path to success. Our staff are motivated by excellence, innovation and improvement. The Australian operations have received certification to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

Listening to customers and research into industry trends helps ensure that we embrace the latest technologies in developing practical, decision-support solutions that meet the needs of miners.

Maptek believes that the key to make mining more efficient is to support miners to make better decisions. Integration is particularly important as it enables them to transform technical data into knowledge at every stage of the mining life cycle. Ultimately by fully integrating that knowledge, Maptek will change the way mining is done forever.

History of Maptek

Maptek is proud to be part of a global community that is committed to improving outcomes for the mining industry. We've grown from a small geological database services team in Sydney in 1981 to a global technology business with more than 25,000 users spanning 95 countries in 2022.

The importance of a local presence is augmented by access to global teams who share expertise and collaborate on projects.

Maptek technology solutions focus on analysing and modelling data from disparate sources to solve the problems that miners face every day.

The cornerstone Vulcan 3D geological modelling and mine design software now has more than 22,000 users worldwide. It is supported by specialist tools for visualising, validating and modelling data to enable analysis and support decisions.

Our point cloud software, now called PointStudio, revolutionised the modelling and analysis of geospatial data when we launched to market in 2000.

Maptek entered the surveying equipment market in 2004 with Australian-built, 3D laser surveying and digital imaging hardware. Current generation R3 MkII series laser scanners are among the lightest and fastest field-to-finish spatial survey technologies for mining, civil and industrial applications.

Value-adding solutions based on our award-winning laser imaging technology include Sentry open cut and underground stability monitoring and risk management systems, and design conformance tools for various applications.

BlastLogic drill and blast accuracy management system, developed in association with industry, was launched to market in 2011 and Evolution scheduling optimisation software joined the Maptek portfolio in 2014.

Maptek owns the former MinLog fleet management and proximity awareness systems and in 2020 launched Material Resource Tracking tools for material compliance and reconciliation from pit to plant.

In 2021 we released DomainMCF, which applies machine learning and cloud processing to rapidly generate resource models directly from drillhole data. The subscription service offers geologists significant speed and accuracy benefits.

Streamlining the geology workflow from data validation to model generation, Vulcan GeologyCore was released in 2021 to provide access to cloud-based machine learning algorithms alongside conventional modelling approaches.

Software is delivered on the Maptek Workbench, a unified 3D platform for solution integration and data sharing. Data can be accessed via the cloud and mobile platforms. Maptek Account delivers flexible licensing deployment and software upgrades, supporting our customers to work from anywhere.

Maptek employs more than 400 staff worldwide, including computing, geological, mining, electronics and systems professionals, allowing us to deliver consulting, training and technical support services to our customer base in more than 90 countries.

  • Maptek Overview Brochure
  • Maptek Overview Brochure

    Maptek products and services help mining companies reduce operating costs while improving production, performance and profitability.

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