Maptek BlastLogic

Drill & Blast Management Solution for the Digital Mine

BlastLogic is a dynamic platform for immediate improvements in increasing ore recovery, reducing costs and improving productivity.

BlastLogic is a true digital mine solution that empowers blast crews and management. Linking blast designs directly with geological and geotechnical data, mine plans and field measurements enhances blast precision.

BlastLogic provides evidence-based information to solve critical drill & blast driven issues. Reducing variation in drill & blast leads to consistent outcomes with flow on effects for achieving safety and production targets.

Streamlined Workflow

With drill & blast design, tracking and analysis managed in one system, inefficiencies are identified and eliminated.


Meet operational KPIS for increased safety and reduced vibration and noise through fine electronic timing controls and advanced blast modelling.

Decision Making

Accurate, reliable data fosters confident decision making around up and downstream processes to drive repeatable, consistent drill & blast outcomes.

3D Visualisations

Model and view blast designs and track compliance in 3D for better understanding of blast performance.

Real Time

BlastLogic synchronises field and office data into an accurate, single source drill & blast repository for improving operational performance.

Seamless Integration

Unique blast-by-blast analytics compare blasts across the mine to correlate design, execution and results.


BlastLogic Is Key To Unlocking Productivity Improvements

Developed in cooperation with industry, BlastLogic delivers an easy to use and streamlined experience.

Instant data connection and visualisation in the field or office helps ensure that every aspect of your site drill & blast process is fine tuned.

BlastLogic eliminates hours of manual data formatting, entry and reporting, freeing up time to analyse performance.