Fast, repeatable and powerful, DomainMCF helps you unlock the value of your deposit.

Creating comprehensive models from large and complex data to generating frequent models or updates, DomainMCF unlocks the power of machine learning and cloud computing to quickly produce robust and accurate 3D geologic models.

Production Modelling Solutions

Maximizing Value

DomainMCF delivers value through better domain definition for grade estimation and ore routing to maximize the investment in your project data.

Harness Complexity

DomainMCF is ideal for extremely large and complex datasets and easily integrates newly logged data for fast model updates.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Automated polygon creation allows you to frequently update your models in a production environment, with results delivered fast.

Auditing Consulting Solutions

Manage Risk

Easily update geologic models and compare to previous generations in 3D, leveraging the full richness of geological information for a better and more accurate understanding of complex deposits.

Maximize Investment

Quickly explore a range of possible outcomes before recommending or committing to the preferred model.

Data Integrity

Rapidly create unbiased models from existing data and confidently apply the information to evaluate potential investments.

Resource Modeling Solutions

Improve Productivity

Produce resource models faster and cost-effectively. DomainMCF generates domain boundaries directly from sample data to rapidly create accurate, verifiable resource models.

Standardize Process

Leveraging machine learning, DomainMCF allows geologists to quickly produce interactive, predictive models. New data can be added and models regenerated to reflect the latest drilling information.

Measure Uncertainty

DomainMCF can quantify the confidence in the location of domain contact boundaries.

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