Solve your mining challenges with Maptek technology

Maptek is a global provider of innovative software, hardware and services. From the first licence installed at an American coal company 40 years ago, we now deliver solutions to 20,000 users operating across more than 2500 mines in 80 countries.


Maptek does more than sell software

We develop cutting-edge applications with customers in mind. Our reliable hardware and software systems offer auditability, confidence, safety, mobility and flexibility. We listen to your concerns. We develop new tools that allow you to accurately sense, capture, model, integrate, analyse and report technical data. We support the products we develop. Corporate, management, supervisory and technical teams benefit from unified access to current, accurate technical data.


Maptek is more than Vulcan

Maptek offers solutions and enterprise-level solutions across the mining life-cycle. Our intelligent systems are developed with the knowledge of up and downstream processes and are designed to help you better understand and take control of your information. This future-proofs your operation by ensuring accurate technical data flows through all survey, geology and engineering applications. Our modern architecture and machine learning platform link to your data science framework.


Maptek solutions are dedicated to mining

You wouldn’t buy haul trucks or other critical equipment from a generic supplier. Our mining-specific systems are built from the ground up to solve the complex real world challenges you face every day. We pay close attention to automated workflows that slash the time you spend handling data, creating more opportunities for analysis and interpretation. You can install our systems today and reap immediate benefits for your business.

Maptek solutions support your operational goals

We understand your need for efficient solutions, regardless of market fluctuations and operating parameters. We’ve used our decades of experience and constant customer feedback to create packages and specialised tools for every type of deposit and operation. We can also design a custom configuration for your mine so you can confidently meet production targets and report to shareholders.

Smart mining partnership founded on machine learning

Maptek is collaborating with Australian iron ore producer Roy Hill to accelerate orebody knowledge and inform upstream planning, with exciting outcomes reported in the early stages of the project. According to James Batchelor, Superintendent Geological Modelling, leveraging deep learning and AI technologies is helping Roy Hill drive cultural change and achieve their vision for the future. Read how the collaboration with Maptek is successfully aligning Roy Hill business drivers with their core cultural values.

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