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Optimise on pit design with Vulcan

Asia Pacific

Host: Ali Sami
Panellist: Steve Zhou

Understand the value of your deposit without the need to export data to third-party software. See how to automatically generate pit designs with ramps, and create pit surfaces and solids, and reserve on-the-fly. Don't miss this opportunity to discover a dynamic engineering process that reduces manual work and results in optimal pit designs.

Why Machine Learning

Asia Pacific

Host: Steve Sullivan
Panellists: Penny Stewart, Hugh Sanderson, Christie Myburgh

We know that machines can do things humans can’t. Computers can do calculations quicker, robots don’t tire as easily, plotters don’t make silly mistakes and excavators are stronger than a pick and shovel.

We acknowledge the practical usefulness of machines but we want to retain control of the power to ‘think’. We learn from our successes and mistakes and hope to do it better next time. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Here’s the good news - machines can learn too! Join our expert panel for this open discussion forum where we explore the challenges around machine learning and what it means for the mining industry.

Open your eyes to the possibilities of python scripting

Asia Pacific

Host: Kevin West
Tech Expert: Mick Hannebery

Using scripting to automate processes or work with large arrays of data is not new, but the perception that Python is complex to set up and run means people may be missing out on the benefits. Join this session to discover the benefits of automating repetitive processes and how access to the Vulcan library allows you to interrogate, analyse and extend the value of your project data for creating custom solutions.

Enhanced narrow vein modelling

Asia Pacific

Host: Steve Sullivan
Tech Expert: Peter Odins

he nature of narrow vein deposits has traditionally made modelling them a challenge. Enhancements to Maptek Eureka make it easy to rapidly build valid vein solids which can be used in block models for mine planning and reserving. See how the intuitive tools and display allow you to be as interactive and creative as you like.

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A still of the Evolution Epoch webinar.

Maximise project value with Evolution Strategy

Evolution Strategy is the ideal solution for running scenarios based on cut-off grade optimisation and sequencing to maximise NPV. Learn how Evolution models multi-process, multi-mine operations with multiple constraints to deliver high-value schedules for mining to plan. Join us to find out how your operation can benefit.

A still of the Innovative Charge Design webinar.

Innovative charge design

An innovative approach to charge design allows for dynamic changes in the field based on pit observations. See how BlastLogic supports engineering workflows, reduces downtime and enables data-driven decision making.

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