Maptek Sentry

Mobile monitoring system for ground movements, rockfall and slope stability

Improve safety and reduce operational risk

Sentry is a laser-based system that allows you to monitor, analyse, report and alert on movements that have the potential to interrupt mining. A simple setup and mobile design make it easy to adapt monitoring frequency and change location between highwalls, tailings dams and underground sites.


Manage rockfalls in near real-time

Mine operations need to monitor ground movement to minimise risks to personnel and equipment.

Sentry allows you to do more than just monitor ground movement events. The system also identifies trends in your historical data, allowing you to better understand risk across your operation.


Choose periodic, routine or continuous monitoring

During production, mining operations are scenes of constant change. Geotechnical constraints, geology, extraction methods, climate and weather events all impact on the stability of highwalls, tailings dams and underground structures.

Sentry's mobile design and intuitive functionality make it easy to switch location and frequency of monitoring.

Safety is very important to us. The Sentry solution provides us with a diagnostic tracking tool with clear visualisation and analysis capabilities so we can make reliable engineering decisions
Steve Radford, Principal, CMC Ltd Engineer, Hillgrove Resources
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Stay alert

Stay ahead of rockfall or slope failure events. Ensure equipment and personnel remain out of harm's way.

Sentry monitors rapid and gradual movements over time. You can define the thresholds at which alerts are triggered. Choose who receives them and how, via SMS or email.

For example, set one alert for your geotechnical team and another for mine management.


Powerful analysis and reporting

Analyse the mechanics of wall failures. Capture and maintain a continuous monitoring history.

Record rockfalls to view the points of origin and landing. Export data for further analysis including volume calculation. Or, use this information to update rockfall databases for reducing risk in the vicinity of highwall toes.

The Sentry and Studio systems that we use … have been instrumental in ensuring we have a safe and risk free environment to work in.

Built to last

The Maptek range of survey and monitoring systems are designed to withstand the toughest mining environments. Sentry is built to the same standard.

The system is available as a fully transportable monitoring system deployed in a custom built trailer. It offers a power and communications module, cellular and wifi networking, a dedicated stable bollard for a Maptek laser scanner, and Sentry software.

Limit risk and maximise safety