Simulate excavation, transport and dump processes

3d-DigPlus provides the mining, civil and construction industries with 3D simulation of processes such as excavation, transport and dumping.

The flexible modelling system allows for detailed incremental simulation conforming to a schedule. Fleet productivity for draglines, truck-shovel and dozer systems is supported with full dynamic simulation of equipment using haul/transport routes.

Detailed volumetric and productivity reports are produced, including calendar timing.

Topographic models of the operation at any stage of the schedule can be produced and exported. 3d-DigPlus handles selective dump (material) modelling, including stratified dumps.

Advanced modelling functionality is accessed via a user friendly graphical interface with intuitive features for functions and settings.

Benefits and Applications:

  • Life of mine landform and spoil transport analysis
  • Optimisation of pit design, scheduling and spoil placement
  • Improved allocation of waste to different equipment types
  • Troubleshooting studies targeting issues such as access and spoil fit
  • Research and validation of new and novel mining methods
  • Highly effective communication tool for corporate and field operations
  • Supports equipment purchase and upgrade decisions

  • Modules
  • Generic and Topographic Simulation
  • Automated Excavation and Dump Sequencing
  • Dragline Simulation
  • Truck & Shovel Simulation
  • Bulldozer Simulation
  • Environmental Reshaping