Interoperable mine planning solutions from Maptek & PETRA

Connecting orebody knowledge with value chain optimisation and simulation

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Maptek and PETRA have partnered to deliver true interoperability between optimised mining and beneficiation plants, and connections with geological models, mine design and scheduling capabilities.

The collaboration leverages Maptek expertise around orebody knowledge and mine planning together with PETRA’s advanced predictive and machine learning technologies to deepen the understanding of impacts on mine and processing performance. The result is seamless value chain optimisation and simulation from resource models through to metal produced.

PETRA’s suite of highly scalable and platform agnostic solutions have been successfully deployed by mining companies around the world and deliver significant benefits in areas such as:

  • Metallurgical recovery performance simulation in various plants and processes
  • Optimisation of energy use in comminution circuits
  • Drill and blast design optimised to meet crusher or mill performance targets
  • Predictive maintenance scheduling and machine health

PETRA’s MAXTA digital twins for mine to mill optimisation ingest millions of tonnes of historic data to predict and simulate plant performance using machine learning. Interoperability with Maptek geology and mine planning tools allows these simulations and predictions to be included in the planning decisions at relevant stages. The result is better planning decisions and improved performance across the entire mining value chain.

PETRA solutions are built by Engineers for Engineers. Interactive and contextualised results make it easy to integrate advanced optimisation and simulation into existing workflows using Maptek Vulcan or Evolution. Combining deep domain expertise from across the whole value chain offers the industry a practical alternative to the common practice of siloed optimisation. This enables, for the first time, a truly interoperable capability across planning, simulation, modelling and decision support throughout the mining value chain.

Apply Maptek and PETRA technologies to integrate performance optimisation with mine modelling, design and scheduling capabilities

Interoperability between Maptek Vulcan and PETRA MAXTA is ideal for targeting operational improvement in areas such as ore recovery, blast optimisation and more. The result for miners is that planning is based on a better understanding of the real performance of downstream processes. MAXTA models of the mine performance can contribute directly to the orebody knowledge and add huge value by enabling your mine to have its best day every day

Leverage the data and systems at your mine to gain understanding and opportunity

MAXTA value chain optimisation suite of solutions can also deliver benefits for material tracking. MAXTA creates predicted performance, optimisation and recommendations based on the actual behaviour of your mine and plant using machine learning. Combining the results from MAXTA with the current-state detail in MaptekMRT creates a mine management platform with both real time and predictive ability for the most accurate decision support in mining.

  • Enhanced orebody knowledge built from better understanding of downstream performance
  • Improved decisions based on a confident understanding of the status of production coupled with accurate prediction and simulation from MAXTA
  • Optimised upstream decisions to best meet product or process targets downstream
  • Combined current and predicted future state detail on dashboards and reports
  • Optimised plant setpoints predicted by MAXTA to suit ore variability in your plant

Other examples of interoperable developments between Maptek and PETRA technologies include:

  • FRAGx interoperability with Maptek PointStudio for fast fragmentation classification
  • MAXTA drill and blast optimisation interoperability with Vulcan
  • FORESTALL machine health and predictive maintenance management solutions - scalable prevention of unplanned downtime


  • Build business improvement into your mining cycle through dynamic optimisation
  • Deploy digital twins and machine learning models to evaluate scenarios
  • Exploit upstream geological data for value chain optimisation and extend schedule optimisation downstream
  • Play forward the mine schedule into the processing plant to optimise the production cycle


Webinar: How to integrate mine planning across the value chain

Operations can use PETRA MAXTA digital twin models to dynamically update mine plans using historical production data. Seamless integration of this performance data with Maptek Vulcan can improve productivity at your operation. The video includes a case study at PanAust Ban Houayxai mine in Laos.

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