Analyse stability of slopes in 3D and 2D

Analyse slope stability in 3D to better understand the nature and cause of structural failures and to manage risk.

TSLOPE provides geotechnical engineers working in mining and civil engineering with a powerful new program to carry out slope stability analyses.

The software allows users to bring in complex surface geometry from programs such as Vulcan and PointStudio without requiring re-modelling. These surfaces can then be used in TSLOPE to define a potential failure surface for application in fully 3D stability analysis. Arbitrary cross sections can be constructed through the model to enable comparison with more traditional 2D analysis.

Analyse your potential failure surfaces using TSLOPE and gain insights into the effects on slope behaviour that can only be gained with true 3D analysis.

tslope slope
tslope panels


  • Usability - Directly use surfaces modelled in Vulcan or PointStudio
  • Advanced analysis - Spencer’s Method in 3D and Ordinary Method of Columns
  • Reliability - A result is always generated; solution method will not fail to converge
  • Safety - Back analysis routine enables estimation of shear strengths at time of failure
  • Failure criteria - Mohr Coulomb and non-linear Hoek Brown
  • Risk management - Search for critical direction of sliding; not constrained to model axes
  • Hydrogeology - Groundwater input as phreatic surface or as a pore pressure grid
  • Communication - Comprehensive reporting of results