Maptek Extend

Licensing for application extensions

Maptek Extend lays the groundwork for customers to access a more robust and comprehensive application extension toolkit, allowing and supporting users to expand the capabilities of Maptek software products.

Maptek Extend comprises a licence and associated materials and packages relating to themed areas for automation, extensibility and expansion as they come online for various products. This may include the Workflow Editor, application programming interfaces (APIs) and software development kits (SDKs) in Python and C#/.NET for various Maptek applications.

Customers using the Workflow Editor or Maptek Python APIs alongside Maptek applications require a Maptek Extend licence, which can be checked out via Maptek Account.

Maptek Account is the engagement platform where customers can manage licences, submit support cases and download product files.


Please contact Maptek support if you have any questions about Maptek Extend.