Maptek Laser Scanning and Geology

Safe survey of highwalls to acquire imagery for creating detailed 3D models for geological mapping. The inbuilt camera of Maptek laser scanners allows capture of high resolution photographs at the same time as scanning.

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Structural Mapping

Collect and update crucial structural data safely, easily and accurately. Surveyors, geologists and geotechnical engineers can acquire strike and dip information on joint sets and map contact boundaries between geological features quickly and easily.

Geotechnical Analysis

Easily identify geotechnical structures and create Stereonets and Rose diagrams for data analysis. Maptek technology allows geologists and geotechnical engineers to confidently identify structural weaknesses that may affect operational decisions.

Kinematic Analysis

Conduct kinematic analysis for potential failure types such as wedge, planar and toppling to improve mine designs. Feature-rich software allows users to create great circles (planes), analyse potential failures, add daylight envelopes and friction cones.