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Maptek MaterialMRT

Traditional material tracking challenges include siloed systems, decisions based on assumptions and a lack of connection to the resource model. These result in poor yield, poor value recovery and sub-optimal plant utilisation.

MaterialMRT is a cloud-enabled system that allows mines to control discontinuous material flows from in situ rock to run-of-mine (ROM) stockpiles through to the plant.

The centralised server, web-based user interface and database components are designed to measure, store and display real time geospatial data on material quality and quantity with low training overhead and minimal deployment requirements.

Using Material MRT, operations can optimise material movement with confidence that accurate stock levels are providing a reliable framework to guide planning and scheduling.

Importantly MaterialMRT does not use weighted averages, instead it references actual composition of material quality from the resource model.

MaterialMRT reports on how long material has been on a stockpile and the number of rehandles leading up to when it is presented into the plant for processing.

Invariably raw data from fleet management contains errors or exceptions, like when a sensor is faulty or down. With MaterialMRT, data can be easily updated to accommodate changes, with an audit trail back to the raw values relevant to tonnes and grade.

All functional stakeholders and management, whether on the mine or at the corporate office can now identify and quantify the variability in quality and quantity of material as it progresses through each stage of the mine value chain.

Live dashboards and reports deliver high visibility of the mine value chain to easily identify trends from a single source of truth.


  • Effective stockpile management - Optimise the number and location of ROM stockpiles to achieve productivity gains through optimal plant utilisation
  • Dump stockpile compliance - Know which trucks are dumping on which stockpiles while preserving source block data
  • Optimise yield through the plant - Improve the quality of ROM stockpiles through live spatial tracking of product quantity and quality
  • Resource model reconciliation - Track material through the ROM, allowing reconciliation with the resource model and strategic mine plan