System Requirements

The following system requirements are recommended for running Maptek Products

Processor 64bit Intel or AMD CPU
i7 series equivalent or higher
Operating System Microsoft Windows® 10 x64bit
Internet Connectivity Recommended
RAM 32 GB RAM or more
Storage 1 TB SSD or 7200 rpm HDD for local data storage
Gigabit LAN or faster for larger remote storage
10 GB total disk space for installation
4 GB free disk space for swap files
Graphics Card OpenGL 4.3 or later compliant dedicated video card
4 GB Video RAM or more
GeForce RTX or equivalent
Display 1920 x 1080 resolution or higher
Dual monitors recommended.
All displays should be set to the same scale (Windows display setting) for best experience and may require different resolution on some monitor screens to ensure consistency of scaling.
Peripherals 3 button scroll-wheel mouse