Underground proximity awareness system

Maptek VisionV2X

Reliable proximity awareness system to bring your people and equipment home safely

Maptek VisionV2X is a simple solution with an important mission - to keep all personnel and vehicles working underground safe.

Leveraging proven automotive proximity awareness technology, Maptek has created a reliable, underground safety detection system aligned with global safety guidelines.

Input from ergonomics and human experience experts has resulted in a simple, intuitive interface that provides vehicle operators with visual and audible alerts when vehicles and people enter warning zones, allowing them to take action to avoid collisions.

VisionV2X applies the latest dynamic meshing Wi-Fi technology tailored for conditions underground. It provides reliable ranging and communications across all levels of activity, including non-line-of-sight and around corners.

The Maptek system can be installed on existing and mixed manufacturer fleets. Detailed proximity data is logged and sent to a central server for analysis and reporting, enabling operations to maintain a safe working environment.

Maptek VisionV2X Underground Mine Worker

Your eyes underground

Bring your people and equipment home safely after every shift


  • Proximity awareness system made for underground mines
  • See underground and around corners with metre accuracy
  • Touchscreen interface shows at-risk personnel and vehicles
  • Deploy with current equipment, including mixed manufacturer fleet
  • Automated internal checks ensure the system is operating correctly
  • Analyse and report on detailed proximity data to mitigate risk
  • Keep all personnel and equipment working safely underground
Maptek VisionV2X Underground Mine Worker doing drillhole analysis

Reliable, easy to use

Ergonomic touchscreen alerts operators when people and vehicles enter warning zones