Maptek Evolution

Integrated scheduling across all planning horizons

Imagine if you could do all of your mine scheduling in a single package. Across all planning horizons. For all commodity types. Generate practical production plans alongside strategic schedules while minimising costs and bringing forward value. All while integrating with your geology and mine planning information.

Now with Maptek Evolution you can use one software for daily, short-term, medium, long-term and strategic mine scheduling. Evolution has the flexibility to schedule the way you work. Use your expertise to set up the overall plan and let Evolution find the solution. You can have confidence in your tonnage, equipment plans and life of mine objectives.

How does Evolution do this? All of these concepts are covered in our new position paper Mine Scheduling Reinvented.

Download the free 14-page Mine Scheduling Reinvented paper to learn:

  • Why your scheduling package should preserve orebody knowledge across your operation and mine life
  • How knowledge can replace assumptions for effective decision making
  • How tightening the connection between mine planning, scheduling and production processes provides an effective decision support framework
  • Answers to common questions about selecting a scheduling package

A preview of page 2 of our Mine Scheduling Reinvented paper
A preview of page 3 of our Mine Scheduling Reinvented paper
A preview of page 10 of our Mine Scheduling Reinvented paper

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