Maptek Services

Our Services team members not only provide the product, they are the product. Our experienced mining engineers, geologists and surveyors combine their expertise with the best mining technology to help our clients achieve their goals. When utilising Maptek Vulcan and Mine Measurement tools, our experts work with the users to optimise product performance and maximise a mine’s potential.


Maptek Consulting

Maptek consulting services can help you to complete survey, modelling and optimisation tasks to meet project and contractor deadlines.

IT Solutions

Maptek IT Solutions

Maptek provides expert IT services and application development to the mining industry to help operations achieve defined business outcomes


Contact Support

Our highly trained global support staff provides rapid problem resolution and expert assistance to help improve outcomes for client operations.


Maptek Training

We instruct our clients on all aspects of Maptek Vulcan and I-Site, and customise each course to ensure that our clients needs are met.

University Partnerships

Maptek University Partnerships

Maptek provides students the opportunity to apply the latest technology to real-world data in the classroom.

Maptek Account

Maptek Account

Maptek Account provides online licensing, flexible options for working offline, product download-update service and streamlined technical support to improve your experience with Maptek products.