Maptek systems to support GDA2020

Coordinate transform functionality in Maptek systems will support people who need to conform with important changes being made to Australia’s datum through their work with spatial information and location positioning technologies.

GDA2020 explained

GDA2020 will bring Australia’s national latitude and longitude coordinates into line with global satellite positioning systems, enabling smartphones and other positioning technologies to accurately locate features marked on maps.

From 1 January 2020, the new continent-fixed datum GDA 2020 will bring the coordinates of Australia’s mapped features into line with global systems.

Anyone who uses spatial data in their work will need to convert or transform data in the previous GDA94 coordinates to GDA2020.

Maptek compatibility

Maptek customers can ensure adoption of the new standard through options in our software solutions.

  • Vulcan 2020
  • PointStudio 2020
  • Eureka 2020
  • BlastLogic 2020

For more information contact your local Maptek Technical Services team.