Laser Scanner Servicing

Maptek laser scanners are precision instruments.

They require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and accurate survey results.

Maptek laser scanners are manufactured and serviced in a facility that maintains an ISO9001 certified quality management system.

Maptek indoor and outdoor testing ranges are independently verified by third party surveyors using calibrated equipment. This assures the accuracy of data capture in Maptek laser scanners.

Conditions and treatment in the field can affect measurement accuracy. Maptek recommends servicing a Maptek laser scanner every 12 months, or more often if it has been subjected to a severe shock.

Scanner testing and re-calibration is verified by trained, experienced technicians.

Calibration and range checks are key components of the service. More than 190 steps are followed to ensure the laser scanner continues to operate at the highest level and to assure accuracy of data.

Software and mechanical improvements which have been developed during the life of the scanner are also installed during service.

Service Procedures

On arrival checks

  • Scanner and accessories photographed and cleaned
  • Accessory functionality checked
  • Performance baseline scans for tracking before/after status
  • Range performance checked
  • Scanner orientation and inclination accuracy checked
  • Azimuth accuracy checked
  • Compass and GPS verification checked
  • Telescope functionality checked
  • Spinning mirror performance checked
  • Wi-Fi signal and strength checked


  • Disassembly and re-assembly
  • Scanner interior cleaned if necessary
  • Fasteners checked and re-torqued
  • Optics checked and cleaned if necessary
  • Electronic modifications
  • Mechanical modifications
  • Firmware upgrades installed
  • All seals replaced


  • Telescope, camera, azimuth and range re‑calibrated
  • Calibration verified

Quality Assurance

  • Scanner controller software updated
  • Drivers updated
  • Tablet cleaned
Final scan checks
  • Calibration re-verified at outdoor survey range
  • Calibration checked independently by two technicians

For more information about Maptek laser scanner maintenance, contact your local Maptek office or email us.