Citation Program in Applied Geostatistics

Learn cutting edge tools to improve grade estimation.

This four week course involves theoretical and practical aspects, with the objective of providing knowledge in the theory and use of modern geostatistical tools, with emphasis in mining. This course combines academic knowledge with industry experience in a convenient four-week format.


Dr. Clayton Deutsch is a Professor and director of the School of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Alberta. He teaches and conducts research about the geostatistical methods applied to resource estimation and grade control.

2021 Course Details


Teaching Block 1
6 May - 17 May, 2021

Teaching Block 2
19 August - 30 August, 2021


$8,000 USD

Registration deadline March 31, 2021

*15% discount upon registration by December 31st, 2020.

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Golden, Colorado

Course Accreditation

A Citation in Applied Geostatistics will be provided upon final project approval from the Faculty of Extension at the University of Alberta, Canada. This citation is a formal statement of the achievements of the person receiving the academic honor.

Prerequisites: A general understanding of geological deposits and basic grade estimation techniques preferred. Familiarity with Vulcan software is not required.

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