BlastLogic Tablet

Quickly get your new blasters up-to-speed!

Fast track success with the BlastLogic Tablet

Want to get your new blasters up to speed—the BlastLogic Tablet course is a great place to start! During this course, learn how to navigate the tablet interface and deliver instant communications to your engineering team. You will learn how easy it is to enter hole measurements and analyse charge information via your tablet in the field, identify long and short holes while you enter backfill material, and more.

Here’s what you will learn from this BlastLogic Tablet course for open pit mines

Live field recording

Learn how to record and reconcile hole depths.

Easily apply changes

Discover how to load holes and modify planned charge decks.

Quickly identify misfires

Note blasting conditions and misfired holes.

Is BlastLogic Tablet the course for you?

Register for BlastLogic Tablet to discover how to leverage your BlastLogic tablet to provide real-time updates to increase blast crew efficiency.

You should take this course if you:

  • need to get up-and-running with the BlastLogic tablet quickly
  • need to dynamically update plans in the field using the BlastLogic tablet
  • want effortless data entry that is instantly synchronised or cached
  • want planning and operation teams to work in sync

This course is best suited for blast crew members.