Block Model Import and Export

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Learn how you can import and export block models and work with raw data to obtain required block model parameters

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Import, export, and analyse your block model data with ease

Accurately importing and exporting block models is crucial for mine planning success. Understanding available tools will help you develop and optimise your block model transfer process.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this block model import and export course for open pit and underground mines

Import tools

Discover several ways to import an existing block model into Vulcan.

Export tools

Learn how to easily share block model files with Vulcan users or export your model for use in other software packages.

Analyse raw data

How to analyse your block model data in various formats to maximise your efficiency when modelling and planning in Vulcan.

Is Block Model Import and Export the course for you?

Register for Block Model Import and Export to discover the best techniques for transferring your Vulcan block models to ensure you deliver accurate models that better inform mine planning.

You should take this course if you:

  • are getting started with block model import and export tools in Vulcan.
  • want to understand the different import and export tools.
  • need to determine block model parameters from raw data in ASCII or CSV files.

This course is best suited for geologists and mining engineers.