Introduction to Block Models

Leverage your model for optimal mine designs and reserve calculations

Block Modelling in Vulcan

The Introduction to Block Models learning path consists of five complete courses to provide the skills you need to get your job done faster with Vulcan Block Modelling. You will learn how to load, view, alter, and reserve existing Vulcan block models. Discover how to import models from various other software packages for use with Vulcan design and optimisation tools. Learn how to view blocks with six different methods and write conditional statements. Modify your block model to meet your project needs. Write solid block calculation files for custom, reproducible processes. Explore several reserving tools that generate intuitive, custom reports and graphs of your reserve accumulations.

Enrol in Introduction to Block Models learning path to learn how to:

  • Import existing models for design and planning work in Vulcan.
  • Modify your model for optimal design performance with robust calculations.
  • Showcase the value of your deposit with intuitive, robust, reserve reports.

Five complete courses in one

Block Model Essentials

Understand the core structures and functionality of block models.

Import and Export Models

Learn how to import models from other software packages or export your Vulcan model.

View Block Models

Discover various methods for loading blocks in Vulcan for visual analysis.

Perform Robust Calculations

Perform quick modifications or take your skills to the next level with robust, custom block calculation files.

Report Reserves

Generate reserve reports, grade-tonnage curves, or write accumulation totals to triangulation attributes.

Is Introduction to Block Models the learning path for you?

Register for Introduction to Block Models to leverage your block model for mine design, optimisation, or planning.

You should take this course if you:

  • work with block models for mine design, optimisations, or reserve calculations.
  • want to learn how to quickly load, view, and query your model.
  • need to easily produce custom, intuitive reserve reports.

This course is best suited for geologists and mining engineers.