Block Model Modifications

Modify block model values with spatial flags and robust calculations

Fast track your block model modification skills

Learn how to modify variable values in your existing model. You will flag blocks with values based upon spatial extents defined by polygons or triangulations. Dive into block model scripts, which allow for powerful, reproducible, auditable calculations.

Here’s what you will learn from this Block Model Modifications course for open pit and underground mines


Discover how to flag block model variables with triangulations and polygons.

Block Model Calculations

Learn how to construct block calculation files to speed workflows and document your process.

Quick Solutions

Explore several tools that quickly address common site challenges.

Is Block Model Modifications the course for you?

Register for Block Model Modifications to discover techniques that help you effectively modify, then utilise, your existing block model.

You should take this course if you:

  • are getting started with block model modifications in Vulcan.
  • want to streamline and document your calculations.
  • discover new tools to work more efficiently.

This course is best suited for geologists and mining engineers.