Block Model Viewing

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Discover how you can view and analyze your block model for validation, analysis, and mine design.

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Dynamic View

Discover how to conditionally load blocks and slices with the most popular block-viewing tool in Vulcan: Load Dynamic Model.

  • Drag-and-drop your model to load blocks quickly.
  • Learn how to load individual blocks, slices, or both.
  • Apply basic conditions or compose complex condition statements to simplify block views.

Query Blocks

Learn several techniques you can apply to further analyse your block model.

  • Discover how the Property Editor can help you update your block view quickly.
  • Display block variable values as text or configure data tips to help you query variable values.
  • Generate detailed information on a block-by-block basis with the Inquire tool.

Other Views

Explore other tools that can help streamline workflows.

  • Load large, regular, block models quickly.
  • Display blocks on triangulation surfaces or solids, such as topography or stopes.
  • Create and display multiple block slices simultaneously.
  • Save blocks and slices to layers for future reference and reconciliation.

Exam: Block Model Viewing

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