Data Analyser Basics

Create, and apply filters to, univariate and bivariate charts

Flex your data analysis skills

Learn how to create professional statistical charts with Data Analyser. Easily generate univariate and bivariate charts to quickly understand your data. Create custom filters, groups, and domains to isolate your statistical analysis. Visually correlate data on your statistical chart with points or centroids loaded in Vulcan.

Here’s what you will learn from this Data Analyser Basics course for open pit and underground mines

A chart utilising groups and filters.

Groups and Filters

Create custom groups and filters for cleaner and more useful charts.

A histogram chart representing data in fields and block model variables.

Univariate Statistics

Generate charts that visually represent data in fields and block model variables.

A scatter plot showing the relationship between two data sets.

Bivariate Statistics

Visualise the relationship between two data sets with bivariate statistics.

Is Data Analyser Basics the course for you?

Register for Data Analyser Basics to dig deeper into your deposit with statistical analysis and intuitive charts.

You should take this course if you:

  • are getting started with the Data Analyser interface in Vulcan.
  • want to learn how to gain a better understanding of your geological and analytical data.
  • need to easily produce high-quality charts for incorporating into resource reports.

This course is best suited for geologists and mining engineers.