Getting started with Design Data

Take this online course to learn best practices for working with, and analysing, your design data

Get ahead with your Design Data

Design data is at the heart of your mine design and geologic interpretations. To truly get the most out of your data, you need to be able to understand data structures, work intuitively in section view, and know the best tips to customise your workflow.

Register for Getting Started with Design Data to learn:

  • How to create, modify, and analyse 3D structures and geologic interpretations.
  • Best practices for applying design attributes and features for data consistency.
  • To intuitively work in section and rotated views.
  • How to optimise your workflow with new tools and tips.

What you will learn in this design data course

Design data basics

Produce basic design objects to solidify fundamental skills.

3D design creation

Create designs and interpretations in plan, rotated, and section views.

Design data analysis

Modify and analyse existing design data to verify design specifications.

Quick design solutions

Discover tools that speed your workflow and increase productivity.

Is Getting Started with Design Data the course for you?

Getting Started with Design Data helps you solidify your understanding of Vulcan data while gaining extensive practice with working in rotated, three-dimensional views.

You should take Getting Started with Design Data if:

  • You design open pit or underground mines.
  • You create geologic interpretations in rotated or section view.
  • You want to learn to use design data attributes and features to increase organisation and consistency across your data.