Open Pit Design Basics

Get ahead with your 3D open pit designs

Build a strong foundation for creating preliminary pit and targeted dump designs

With this course, explore several open pit mine design tools to help you quickly generate your pit and dump designs. Configure parameters Vulcan can reference to ensure your pit strings follow geotechnical and equipment constraints. Quickly create dump strings and 3D triangulations that target areal extents or tonnes. Discover tools that help you calculate bench or cut volumetrics with a few clicks. Estimate material movement volume and tonnage. Apply the skills you gain from this course to more complex Open Pit tools.

Here’s what you will learn from your Open Pit Design Basics course:

Design Preliminary Pits

Discover tools and tips to help you generate pits that conform to site constraints.

Generate Targeted Dump Designs

Quickly generate dump designs that respect areal or tonnage targets.

Calculate Volumetrics

Easily generate tonnages and volumes from benches, cuts, and material movement.

Create Triangulation Surfaces and Solids

Analyse several pieces of input data simultaneously with automatic triangulation generation.

Is Open Pit Design Basics the course for you?

Register for Open Pit Design Basics to establish a strong foundation of open pit mine design knowledge and skills.

You should take this course if you:

  • need to generate preliminary pit and dump designs quickly.
  • must understand how to respect geotechnical and equipment limitations.
  • require dumps that target specific tonnes or distance extents.
  • would like to work quickly with your data to estimate and calculate volumes and tonnages.
  • want to discover tools and tips to help speed your workflows.

This course is best suited for mining engineers.