Open Pit Design Essentials

Lay the groundwork for your future open pit design skills

View and prepare data to explore 3D open pit designs

This course explores the basics of open pit mine design. Leverage data attributes to ensure your mine designs conform to geotechnical and equipment limitations. Create your first preliminary pit and dump designs. Discover useful techniques you can apply to view pit design strings, triangulations, and block models in 3D as well as section view.

Here’s what you will learn from your Open Pit Design Essentials course:

Leverage Design Attributes

Apply attributes to ensure your designs conform to site parameters.

Create Open Pit Sections

Create pertinent sections to view and verify your open pit data.

Display Important Measurements

Analyse angles and distances to validate your mine design.

Explore Block Slice Files

Discover how shareable block slice files can speed your site workflows.

Is Open Pit Design Essentials the course for you?

Register for Open Pit Design Essentials to view existing mine data or set the foundation for creating your own open pit designs.

You should take this course if you:

  • need to review or evaluate existing pit designs.
  • want to ensure your designs conform to geotechnical and equipment parameters.
  • need to evaluate an existing design against known constraints.
  • would like to establish a strong foundation for future mine design skills.

This course is best suited for mining engineers.