PointStudio Essentials

Get started with PointStudio software for free

Set a foundation for your PointStudio knowledge

This free course will introduce you to PointStudio. Learn how to navigate the PointStudio software interface, configure software preferences for optimal workflow and gain useful tips about data storage. View data in a variety of views and rotations and create action planes for custom section views and data creation.


Here’s what you will learn from the PointStudio Essentials
course for open pit and underground mines

Navigate interface

Discover the PointStudio interface and learn where to find help.

Data management

Gain expert tips for data structures and sustainable file organisation.

Display data

Load data and customise rotation, zoom, and colours.

Create sections

Leverage Actions Planes for work in section.

Is PointStudio Essentials the course for you?

Register for PointStudio Essentials to set a foundation for your PointStudio skills.

You should take this course if you:

  • need to get up-and-running with PointStudio quickly.
  • want to learn how to customise your data viewing experience.
  • would like to leverage Action Planes for viewing and data creation.
  • could use tips for data management best practices.

This course is best suited for surveyors, geotechnical engineers, and geologists.