PointStudio Registration

Establish a solid data foundation for future modelling processes

Register scans for accurate site representations

Ensure your data provides the most accurate representation of your site with this online course. Import and register scan data for use in future modelling and analysis processes. Work through several registration techniques and discover tips to speed your workflows. Learn how to fine-tune your scan registrations to ensure a solid foundation for generating future triangulation models.


Here’s what you will learn from this PointStudio Registration course for open pit and underground mines

Import Scan Data

Import scan data and explore the impact of units and file structure.

Explore Registration Methods

Apply several registration techniques for the most accurate representation of your site.

Discover Tips

Discover expert tips to speed workflows and set the foundation for accurate models and analysis.

Troubleshoot Registrations

Explore tools to help you quickly troubleshoot data registration issues.

Is PointStudio Registration the course for you?

Register for PointStudio Registration and learn how to ensure your scans are a solid foundation for future modelling work and analysis.

You should take this course if you:

  • would like to ensure your scan data is the most accurate representation of your site.
  • want to learn tips to help speed your workflows.
  • would like to broaden your knowledge of common registration techniques.
  • need to prepare scan data for future modelling and analysis work.

This course is best suited for surveyors, geotechnical engineers, and geologists.