Vulcan Essentials Mini-Course

Establish a solid Vulcan foundation with this free online course

Learn the basics of Maptek Vulcan software

Also available in French

Enroll in the Vulcan Essentials Mini-Course to explore the Maptek Vulcan interface, learn best practices for file management, configure your personal preferences, and help you master basic Vulcan data skills. Test your knowledge with the final course exam to gain your certification. Master the fundamentals with this free Online Training course and harness the power of Maptek Vulcan by enrolling today.


Here’s what you will learn from the Maptek Vulcan Essentials Mini-Course:

Get Started

Explore the software interface, obtain a license, and configure environment variables to ensure an optimal experience.

View Data

Load and view existing Vulcan data and gain tips for best file management practices.

Define Preferences

Personalize your Vulcan experience to support your daily tasks.

Create Sections

Generate and save reproducible sections through your data for analysis, modelling, and mining design.

Is the Vulcan Essentials Mini-Course for you?

Register for the Vulcan Essentials Mini-Course to establish a good foundation for your future geologic and mine design tasks.

You should take this course if you:

  • would like to get up-and-running with Vulcan software quickly.
  • want to learn how to load, view, and manage your Vulcan data.
  • would like to view your data in section views.
  • want to discover tips for working with Vulcan data effectively.

This course is best suited for anyone who will view, create, or update data in Maptek Vulcan software.