Vulcan Essentials

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This free online training mini-course will help you open and view existing data.

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Load Data

This module will introduce you to Vulcan and Workbench. You will learn how to install and license Vulcan, open a project folder, and view design data and triangulations.

  • Getting Started
  • Vulcan and Workbench Interfaces
  • Vulcan Data Explanation
  • Compress and Rebuild Design Databases
  • Visibility Tools
  • View and Rotate Data


In this module, you will discover two ways to view your data in section view. You will also learn about hotkeys, which can further speed your Vulcan workflow.

  • Quick Dynamic Sections
  • Configure Pre-Defined Sections
  • View Pre-Defined Sections
  • Hotkeys


Learn how certain settings can help you work more efficiently with Vulcan.

  • Popular Preferences Settings
  • Settings for Network Data
  • Context Menus

Exam: Vulcan Essentials

The final module is an exam where you can test your knowledge of the concepts introduced in this course. Pass this exam with a 70% or better to receive your completion certificate.