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Maptek 40 years timeline

From a small office offering geological database and plotting services, Maptek has grown to a global technology business with more than 20,000 users spanning 90 countries.


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Disseminated orebody modelling

October 28, 2021 - Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 16:00 (AEDT)

Vulcan GeologyCore provides an interactive environment to easily and confidently model your geology. In this session you can find out how to get started, with a focus on ways Vulcan GeologyCore can add value to disseminated orebody modelling. We will cover:

  • accessing the software
  • integration with your Vulcan workflow
  • introducing domain statistics
  • manual and rule-based domain definition
  • implicit and DomainMCF geological models
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Uncover new ways to use Maptek products with these in-depth training videos. Master the latest techniques for efficient workflows.

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Learn about the Introduction to Block Models online training path

Discover how to leverage your model to enhance mine design and obtain reserve calculations with the Introduction to Block Models learning pathway. Complete five Vulcan online training courses in one – covering block model essentials, import and export, viewing, modification and reserving.

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Tips and Tricks: Predicting and analysing fragmentation

PointStudio analysis used in conjunction with BlastLogic prediction capability allows you to see if oversized fragmentation is caused by a blast’s design or its execution, informing continual operational improvement.