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Discover the features of Maptek products in these overview videos. Learn ways to apply our solutions to benefit your operation.

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What’s new in Vulcan

The latest version of Vulcan features a raft of new tools and enhancements for geologists and engineers on top of performance and usability improvements.


Watch webinars on various topics and learn about the latest solutions from Maptek subject matter experts.

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How to integrate mine planning across the value chain:
A case study

September 5, 2019 - Wednesday September 4, 14:00 (MDT)

Join us for this free webinar where you will learn how to unleash the capacity of PETRA MAXTA digital twin models. Take advantage of your historical production data and apply it to dynamically update your mine plans. Discover how seamless integration of this performance data with Maptek Vulcan can improve workflows that you use every day.

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Uncover new ways to use Maptek products with these in-depth training videos. Master the latest techniques for efficient workflows.

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Introduction to Vulcan

Maptek’s Introduction to Vulcan is a comprehensive online training course which provides you with all the basic skills you need to analyse exploration data, build triangulation models, and design your mine.

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Learn tips and tricks, discover new tools, and brush up on your skills in these short tutorials from Maptek experts.

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Tips and Tricks: Making your day-to-day Vulcan use more efficient

Learn how search functions, shortcuts, personalising your Vulcan Explorer and using customised menus and view settings can help you save time in your day-to-day work.