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Vulcan 2020 Integrated geology and optimised mine design

Vulcan 2020 continues the Maptek tradition of developing technology to improve mining operations.


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Vein modelling workflows

January 18, 2021 - January 19, 2021 09:30 AM GMT

Join us as we explore a new way of modelling narrow vein deposits using real-world data in this free one-hour webinar. We’ll take a look at an efficient process to combine a drillhole data set, digital terrain model and other geophysical data into a 3D vein solid.

This new approach demonstrates data management and geological modelling features that will form a part of our exciting in-development core geology toolset.

Presenters: Gary Buchanan, Mark Williams

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Uncover new ways to use Maptek products with these in-depth training videos. Master the latest techniques for efficient workflows.

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Learn about the Introduction to Vulcan online training course

Learn about the Maptek Introduction to Vulcan online training course. This comprehensive course provides you with all the basic skills you need to analyse exploration data, build triangulation models, and design your mine. Learn more here.

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Tips and Tricks: Automated pit design

See how quickly you can create optimised pit designs complete with ramps and dynamic editing using Vulcan Automated Pit Designer.