Vulcan Grade Control Optimiser

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What is it?

Grade Control Optimiser is a new Vulcan tool to produce optimized material classification while honoring operational constraints in an open pit environment.


Misclassification of ore and waste has an immediate and substantial impact on the mine’s bottom line. Grade Control departments are challenged to quickly produce optimized mining plans that best fit operational, processing, and economic constraints. Decisions made at this stage are often irreversible in a process that is labor intensive.

Current Options

Grade control engineers and geologists manually generate polygons to account for mining width and economic constraints. The current process is not repeatable as different engineers can classify material differently according to their mine operations experience and varying visual interpretation.

The Solution

Vulcan Grade Control Optimiser creates optimized and practical mineable shapes in a process that is auditable and repeatable. Multiple scenarios can be quickly evaluated, allowing engineers to make informed decisions on how to best guide the mining operation.

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Vulcan Grade Control Optimiser

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  • Grade Control Optimiser allows
  • Automation and optimization of material classification processes
  • Quick reporting changes made for a polygon in tonnage, grade and value
  • Flexibility defining mining width constraints